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Tucows.com has always been a favorite of ours (and we mirror our favorite sites. They have too much stuff to mirror it ALL...) They've been around for years, and recently transformed themselves into a commercial, for-profit company, but have kept their focus on the Community of Internet Users that pushed them into the commercial realm. They have a TON of software, all organized, virus free, and easy to find. They maintain the following sites:

X11, Console, Servers, Networking, Utilities, Distributions and much more...
Multimedia, Graphics, Browsers, Utilities, Email, and more...
Windows 95/98
Audio, Browsers, Chat, Email, Games, HTML Tools, Utilities and more...
Learn how to build your own web site! Tools, utilities, how tu's and more. Find it here!
Windows NT
Browsers, Chat, Utilities, Communications, Network Tools, Servers, Security, and more...
The greatest place on the Network for kids! Offers the latest software, online games and coloring fun just for kids!
News from around the Network and around the globe all in one easy to find place!  Click here
PDA Central
All the software you need for your PalmPilot, EPOC, Newton or WindowsCE for your handheld organizer.
Windows 2000
Networking, Servers, Multimedia, Browsers, Utilities, Email, and more...
An MP3 site that finally checks the QUALITY of music that is uploaded? Click here for free MUSIC that doesn't suck!
HTML Accessories, Server Tools, Multimedia and more...
Windows ScreenSavers, Themes and Backgrounds...
The best selection of Shareware and Freeware casino and PC games...
Development, Multimedia, HTML Tools, Games and more...
Windows 3.x
Multimedia, Browsers, Chat, Networking, Utilities, Email, and more...
Program Launches and more! This is a cool place to check out TUCOWS featured new applications!

The MartNet Retro Software Archives:

Here you will find our collection of the finest shareware and freeware for:

Since 1995, MartNet has mirrored collections of hard to find, obselete software for computer platforms no longer in current production. Of course, many of these platforms live on in the form of software Emulators that run on modern systems, so these archives are one way we are preservice a small piece of Computing's history and past. Feel free to download as much stuff as you like. If you find these archives especially useful, or have any suggestions, complaints, or comments, please send mail to webmaster@martnet.com. And please, support the shareware concept and send in your fee where applicable.

For more information, check out the following resources:


The History of Computing:

If you have a site that you would like linked to this page, please send your request to our local computer Historian and Webmaster at webmaster@martnet.com.

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