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Here is some stuff for the Commodore 65, whose production was canned at the very last minute in late 1991.
To extract files from the .lha or .lzh archives, use LHX64 in the C64 mode, available from /pub/cbm/c64/archivers/.

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System firmware

Turbo Disk 65 v2.prg
Turbo Disk 65 v2.txt
A disk utility written completely in BASIC. Works with ROMs 9101xx-9108xx. The program and its instructions are in German.
Turbo Disk 65 v3.prg
A newer version of Turbo Disk 65, released in March 1997. This one was developed on ROM 910111, but it was also tested on 9104xx.
A border demo by Stephan Kleinert. It's divided into a BASIC-Part, the .OBJ-File and the source-code, which is a sequential file. The others are .PRG.
Commodore 65 software (demo disks), uploaded by George Page.
A fixed version of the IFF demo that was on the demo disks. The original demo does not run without an internal memory expansion and had also another bug. The fixed version requires the IFF files from the demo disks 1-3. Fixed and uploaded by Thomas Hechelhammer.
Thomas Hechelhammer's program for extracting the ROM from a Commodore 65. This version should work with all ROM revisions.
A demo for the C65 by Stephan Kleinert. The files have been split into two parts. The IFF pictures are in a separate file (true ILBM graphics). The demo works with ROM version 910429 or later.

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